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A beard is very trendy. However, it is very expensive to care for it all day. To give your beard a constant good shape we at MedX offer the permanent hair removal to you.

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Beyond the beard, permanent hair removal can also save a lot of time and effort in the area of the neck and chin.

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Broad smooth shoulders are the quintessence of beauty. Permanent hair removal from MedX saves you time-consuming shaving.

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Hairy armpits not only disturb the appearance, but are also the source of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. We free you from it.

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Well-groomed hands and arms are an impressive mean of communication. With the permanent hair removal you save a lot of time insteade of constant shaving.

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A smooth chest and a flawless abdomen are the epitome of sex appeal. We help you make your dream of smooth skin come true.

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Not only dressed to cut a good figure. When all clothes drop you won’t need to worry about unshaved areas.

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Men Buttocks & GLUTEAL FOLD

Not only hygienic aspects are a good reason for a permanent hair removal. Also aesthetic aspects are a reason to get hair removed in that specific area.

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Cycling or swimming without loss of water or air resistance? Permanent hair removal frees you from having to repeat the process of shaving for this purpose over and over again.

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Success with XENOgel®

If someone embodies masculinity, it’s football professionals like Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. But who would have thought that just these symbols of strength and masculinity wear hairless? Actually hair have no place under the armpits, at the legs and on chest for modern sports icons. True to the motto “smoothness instead of stubble” they swear by the permanent depilation. The long-term method is no longer only highly regarded by prominent men. Even the average earner has discovered their charm for themselves. Be it beard growth, armpit hair or back hair or leg hair – the strong sex now strives for what has long been unwritten law in the ladies’ world – silky smooth skin.

Is the new beauty trend also suitable for you? Then we have a recommendation for you: the XENOgel procedure. Noticeably cautious and yet productive, it smoothes the desired skin region. Your key to success: crystal gel. The gentle liquid cools your skin like a refreshing cloth and also improves the flow of light. By adding the preparation, the light pulses penetrate more specifically into the melanin and the stem cell of each hair, where they can exploit their full effectiveness. The light beams cut the supply of nutrients more reliably than previous methods and create the best prerequisite for the permanent depilation. Once the stem cell is no longer adequately supplied, the growth will finally be completely gone. The XENOgel therapy proves its unmistakable sensibility especially with sensitive male body parts such as face and armpits. Even immediately after the application, your skin feels wonderfully relaxed. Try it out and make an appointment now for a free consultation in our practice!

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