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Hair removal methods are all procedures for removing body hair. The most well-known method is shaving, which can be performed both wet and dry. Furthermore, treatments with warm or cold wax, epilation, sugaring, depilatory cream and the current types of photoepilation using SHR, laser or IPL technology are known.

There are many reasons for removing body hair. However, the main reasons are often hygienic, aesthetic or religious. Body hair no longer fulfils a biological function, such as protection from the cold, due to evolutionary reasons. Therefore, body hair is no longer necessary and is largely perceived as a disturbance.

Complete freedom

Thus, full body depilation is becoming more and more trendy for both women and men. Soft and smooth skin is seen as the ideal of beauty. For a long time, hair removal for men suffered from the prejudice that it was only used in the gay scene. This view has changed considerably. A well-groomed appearance is now no longer considered a standard exclusively in the world of women, but also among men. Permanent hair removal* is also becoming increasingly popular among competitive athletes. In particular, the group of racing cyclists and swimmers should be mentioned here, who try to minimize the air or water resistance created by hair in order to achieve optimal performance. In the case of racing cyclists, abrasions can also be treated much more easily. Dirty hair no longer leads to long-lasting inflammations in the case of such injuries.

Hair removal then and now

The removal of body hair looks back on a long tradition of mankind. The first shaving tools existed as early as the 6th century B.C. These were found by archaeologists in the form of stone knives, flints or shells. The early form of “epilation” was already practiced by the South American natives in the form of plucking. In ancient Egypt, women removed their pubic hair to arouse greater desire. Between 1915 and 1945, body hair removal was in great demand in the USA and has become increasingly popular in Europe since 1945.

altes Rasur-Equipment

Conventional methods of hair removal

Wet shaving

The most common method of removing body hair is the classic wet shave. Usually, shaving foam is applied to the area to be depilated. This is followed by the actual shaving. However, the intended effect of smooth skin usually does not last long.

After a short time, the first stubble can be seen again. In addition to the resulting unpleasant feeling, a not inconsiderable itching is usually also caused. Ingrown hairs are not uncommon and often lead to inflammation. Sharp blades are very important for a clean shave.

However, this already disappears after 2- 3 shaves, so they must be replaced. This is not only expensive in the long run, but the process must also be repeated over and over again.

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Honig Wachswaben

Hot waxing (warm wax)

Once the hair has reached a certain minimum length, heated liquid wax is applied to the skin. Special care must be taken to avoid potential burns. Shortly after, a strip of paper is applied to the wax, which then clings to it. As soon as this connection is hardened, the paper strip is removed again jerkily against the hair growth direction. In addition to the hair, the hair root is also removed. However, this procedure is extremely painful. The procedure promises in principle longer smooth skin than a shave, but unfortunately also leads to the procedure at regular intervals to have to repeat.

Cold waxing (cold wax, cold wax strips)

Cold waxing is very similar to the warm waxing method. Here the wax is already bonded with the paper and can be applied directly, thus eliminating the risk of burns. However, pulling off the strip is just as painful as in hot waxing. Despite the pain that also occurs, a permanent* result is not achieved.

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Foto Sugaring

Sugaring (Halawa, sugar paste)

Sugaring is an epilating hair removal method. The main ingredient is sugar, as the name suggests. The sugar paste, which sometimes also contains lemon juice, is applied to the part of the body to be depilated. This must then harden briefly and, similar to waxing, be pulled off in a jerky manner against the direction of the hair. The effect also lasts for several weeks, but must be repeated just as steadily.

Brazilian Waxing

This depilation method is applied to the intimate area. The aforementioned sugar paste (sugaring) or warm wax is used.

Here, the hair is also removed in a jerky manner similar to waxing. Painful treatment is also required here and must be constantly repeated similar to the other methods.

Fotokollage Brasilian Waxing
Achselepilation Frau Foto

Epilation (epilator)

Here, each individual hair is pulled out with the help of an electric device together with its root. Only a very small area can be treated at a time and the pain is also very high. A one-time purchase of the device is sufficient in contrast to the other conventional hair removal methods, but permanent hair removal cannot be achieved by this method either.

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