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Customer reports

The feeling of permanently smooth skin has never been so uncomplicated and painless as with the XENOgel® method.

Hundreds of customers every year entrust their skin to our medical staff, who receive continuous training, for good reason.

„I thought back and forth for a long time whether I really wanted to invest that much money in a treatment where I wasn’t exactly sure whether it would actually deliver what it promised. The topic was present every time I shaved, so I finally decided to have a free consultation. The consultation was carried out by a registered nurse and was very detailed and informative. Due to the fact that you only pay for each individual treatment, I thought I would take the step and start therapy. The treatment completely convinced me. Not only do the staff work absolutely professionally, I really don’t need a razor anymore and I don’t have to worry about annoying stubble on my legs or in the genital area. Thank you“ – Isabelle M. (24, Ludwigshafen)

„For a long time I suffered from growing excessive hair on my back and shoulders. Shaving didn’t help me anymore, as the hair started to grow back the next day. Then I tried waxing and epilation. However, that was more than painful and unfortunately didn’t last long. While looking for a real alternative, I came across Haarfreiheit on the internet. The consultation, the treatment, simply everything went off without a hitch. The XENOgel method makes it possible. Thank you so much Haarfreiheit team.“ – Michael K. (32, Hockenheim)

„I like to wear skirts, especially in summer. Every morning, when I’ve put together a nice outfit, I first have to check whether my legs will allow it at all. Most of the time stubble becomes visible again after a short time, which then force me to change my outfit again, not to mention the itching caused by the hair regrowth … So what do I do? If I don’t have enough time to shave while showering in the morning, then the choice falls on pants again. A permanent solution had to be found here and that freed me from any body hair. The treatment was not only stress-free, it was also absolutely painless. I can only warmly recommend body hair removal by Haarfreiheit“ Jeanine S. – (21, Ladenburg)

„For some time now, I had to struggle with facial hair. Since this was very uncomfortable for me in daily dealings with people, I decided to shave it off. Naturally, however, it reappears after a short time. I later tried depilatory cream, which gave roughly the same result. With this embarrassing matter for me, I turned to Haarfreiheit. There I was given competent medical advice and treated in exactly the same way. Absolutely great.“ Gisela U. (57, Mannheim)

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Beauty without surgical procedure.




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