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Our specialists cooperation are the best choice for all medical needs – our team is supported ideally by her as our cooperation partner.



Be convinced by our scope of services and find a suitable solution for your individual needs.

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MedX – Your partner for aesthetic concerns without invasive procedures in

Hair removal Photoepilation

It doesn’t matter if you want a temporary or a permanent hair removal with XENOgel, we offer you the best solution.


Cryolipolisis Coolsculpting

Oversized problem areas can be removed without any surgical procedure. Your own body will help you to reach this goal and we will animate him to do so.


Tattoo removal    PMU optimization

Whether you want to get rid of your old tattoo, renew your permanent make-up or have your tattoo prepared for a cover-up. At MedX we are happy to help.


Skin irritations Pigment disorders

Spider-veins and age spots are mostly inevitable with its development. But we can undo this with our modern and effective technologies.





The specialist of our cooperation partner  give us competent advice on all medical issues. Our medical experts supports our team of medical professionals and ensures the best service as our medical cooepration partner.

For an

optimal result

Our medical staff

A perfect coordinated medical expertise and organization of practice procedures. This is the job of our experienced and professional staff.

The best



Beside the best medical staff, you need the best devices to reach the best results. Find out more about our different devices, which are perfectly suited for your individual needs.

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Non-invasive laser procedures

In many areas of the body, hair is unaesthetic or unpleasant. Laser Hair Removal is a method of permanent hair removal*. Permanent Hair Removal*: Laser destroys hair follicles responsible for hair growth. Laser hair removal can also be the right solution for a permanent hair removal* in the intimate area. Also, a disturbing ladybeard can be removed using laser light.

Expert for permanent hair removal

Saskia Helbig

medical assistant
Expert for permanent hair removal

Anna Fuchs

Expert for permanent hair removal

Karina Safonova

Expert for permanent hair removal

Karolina Witek

Expert for permanent hair removal

Karina Elfner

Expert for permanent hair removal

Andra Visan

Expert for permanent hair removal

Ann-Cathrin Hirsch

Expert for permanent hair removal

Anastasiya Smalko

Expert for permanent hair removal

Christa Zischkale

Expert for permanent hair removal

Magaritha Böhm

Expert for permanent hair removal

Felicia Daoud

Expert for permanent hair removal

Yaritza Alvarez

Quality management

Sabrina Kezouati

Assistance to the management

Lisa Metzger

Appointment coordination

Manuela Dimitrov

Social Media Expert

Patrycja Noga


Find your nearest institutes

You can already find MedX-Centers for aesthetics at many locations. Find an institute near you and profit from our excellent service.


Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 1
69117 Heidelberg
06221 – 647 000


M7, 16-18
68161 Mannheim
0621 – 586 74 90


Kaiserstraße 133
76133 Karlsruhe
0721 – 586 74 90


Silberburgstraße 140
70176 Stuttgart
0711 – 286 969 69


Bahnhofstraße 61/63
66111 Saarbrücken
0681 – 387 504 10


Wilhelmstrasse 18
65185 Wiesbaden

0611 – 949 100 50


Saalgasse 8
60311 Frankfurt
069 – 8700 979 10


Große Bleiche 3
55116 Mainz
06131 – 62457 60


Lutrinastraße 27
67655 Kaiserslautern
0631 – 343 73 522


Schlossergasse 1
67227 Frankenthal
06233 – 30 417 41


Hagenstraße 52
67547 Worms
0800 –  000 73 00


Find out about the latest information concerning the subject beauty and aesthetic. Be always up-to-date with MedX in all field, which change the external positively.

Progress reports

Experiences of patients with MedX

Got my hair permanently removed in this practice and became aware of the option of cryopolysis. Because of the great result with the hair removal, I decided to do a treatment with fat icing. The result is great and I can absolutely recommend it.

Agnes W.

I already had experiences with cryolipolisis but were not satisfied with the care there. However, I wanted to finish my treatment and found MedX. I was very convinced by the consultation, so I decided to finish my treatment successfully at MedX.

Sabine K.
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Experiences from our customers

How good is MedX?

We are always endeavored to offer the best services. Your personal welfare and a steady high quality of the individual treatments is our priority. Gladly we present you some experiences from our customers and thank them for the trust they had in us.

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