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Permanent hair removal

for a smooth body

Thanks to our revolutionary XENOgel technique, we offer the possibility of removing unwanted hair in every body area permanently. Crystal gel in combination with the state-of-the-art SHR technique makes this possible in a painless way. No shaving or epilation ever again, thanks to XENOgel.

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for a slim body

Excess pounds bother you and they just won’t disappear even with physical effort? We offer you a gentle alternative to a surgical procedure with our cryolipolysis treatment. Get rid of excessive fat cells through targeted usage of coldness in according problem zones.

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Tattoo removal, PMU-Optimisation, Cover up Preparation

get your natural skin back

You would like to have your former skin back and want to get your tattoo removed? Then you are at the right adress. Thanks to our cooperation partner we can offer you the tattoo removal. If you want to get removed your old permanent make-up you came to the right adress too.

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Beauty without surgical procedure.




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