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Before starting the cryolipolysis treatment, our medical staff applies a special membrane in the area where the handpiece will later rest. The reason for this is to protect your tissue from the applied cold. In this way, the cold can reach specifically the fat cells. The skin therefore only serves as a means of transporting the cold, but is not itself affected.

The drawing made in advance to clarify the area and to help position the handpiece remain visible. In this way, the vacuum bell sits optimally on the area in question and can direct the cold precisely where it is needed.

Vorbereitung Kryolipolyse


Vacuum technology

During the actual cryolipolysis treatment, the vacuum technology cools down the desired area significantly. The cold stimulates the body to remove the excess fat cells after the session is complete. The average duration of a session is about 60 minutes per body area. During this time, you can sit back and enjoy a moment of relaxation while our technology rids you of unwanted problem areas. You can find out more about the costs here.

Shockwave therapy

A subsequent shockwave therapy (Shockwave) greatly improves the result. This combination is unique and gives you the highest possible efficiency. This form of therapy affects the fat cell membranes. These protein compounds are responsible for supplying the individual fat cells with nutrients. If these are relieved of their function by the shock wave therapy, the body can remove the fat cells much more easily. Visible success is thus achieved more quickly.

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