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Experience and the best technology ensure professional tattoo removal

Irene Nalezinski MD

  • modern technology
  • hygiene +
  • medical competence
  • non binding
  • a monthly payment is not necessary
  • medical staff
  • free and individual consultation
modern technology

MedX uses the latest technology in all areas, including tattoo removal. Best technique for best results.

hygiene +

Through our continuous training in the field of hygiene, we have made it our top priority to work in a clinically pure working environment. This will ensure that the removal of your tattoo is done hygienically clean, to make sure no unnatural or pathological inflammation of the skin in this area can occur.

medical competence

With Irene Nalezinski our professional team of medical assistants gets support by a medical doctors competence.

non binding

MedX tries to provide you with a maximum of flexibility. Therefore, we offer you a non-binding consultation in advance. Learn more about our technology and anticipated treatment costs, which can vary greatly depending on the size and shape of your tattoo.

a monthly payment is not necessary
MedX does not bind you to monthly payments. You can conveniently pay for any treatment you choose in cash, by debit or credit card.
medical staff

Treatments at MedX are performed exclusively by healthcare professionals. As a result, you always have the best possible care in all medical matters.

free and individual consultation

Get all the information before you decide on a treatment with us. Decide for a free and non-binding consultation today.


Professional tattoo removal – get rid of your old mistakes!

It does not matter whether it’s a comic figure, an ornament or an elapsed love one – what once had to be perpetuated has now turned into your personal nightmare. You are not bound for live with your artistical mistakes. With a professional laser treatment, you can get rid of your unwanted tattoos step by step. The high energy light intrudes directly into the embedded color. The Result: encapsulated pigments part from the skin layer and will gently be removed by the immune system, without damaging the surrounding skin parts. The tattoo removal is divided into various session to prevent the skin to overload with laser radiation. The exact duration of the treatment depends on the depth of the pigment and size and color of the tattoo. The distance between every session is between 4 and 6 weeks.

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Why tattoo removal?

Not every tattoo is considered to stay a life long. There are good reasons to get rid of a tattoo.


modern tattoo laser technology

In our institute we are specilised in a tattoo removal with laser technology. Get to know why.


removal of permanent make-up

New Make-up trends or mistakes tattooing the permanent make-up – even in that case the laser technology can help.


Preise Tattooentfernung

The number of treatments and the costs depend on the size, color and the way how deep the tattoo has been placed underneath the skin.

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Beauty without surgical procedure.

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