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Tattoo removal

Most modern technology

To get an optimal care you need the most modern technology too. This would be the ND:YAG-Laser and the Picolaser. Both are an effective method to get rid of unwanted and disturbing tattoos.

Almost every color

Tattoos are getting more detailed and more colorful. The desire to change a certain tattoo can occur much faster as you would guess after getting tattooed. The big problem then is the removal because different colors have to be addressed by different wavelengths of light. Due to the choice of technology in the form of the ND: YAG laser and picolasers, a treatment of almost all colors is possible.

Extensive experience

Experience is an important criteria. Because experience and competence builts up trust. That’s why the doctors have years of experience in the field of medicine and are therefor optimal contact persons for all your questions about the tattoo removal.

Several locations

We offer our excellent service at several locations.

Each of our institutes is centrally located. At the moment we can offer the tattoo removal, lightening of tattoos and the removal of permanent make-up at the institutes in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Kaiserslautern and Frankenthal.

Due to their central locations you can also reach the institutes from the surrounding areas fast and easy.


We offer you a consultation to get all the informations you want to know about the tattoo removal. After that, you will have plenty of time to consider whether to begin treatment to remove your tattoo.

In the consultation details of the technologies will be explained and it will be determined which is best suited to remove your tattoo.

Editing your tattoo

Stechen eines Tattoos

Tattoo removal & lightening of tattoos

Tattoo removal and lightening in your institute MedX for aesthetic. The question when exactly a tattoo can be removed or whether this is possible with freshly made tattoos often arises.

Whether it is a new tattoo or a motif that is already getting on in years, our expert removes your tattoo gently and effectively. The modern advantages of laser light help with this. Both technologies – the picolaser and the ND: YAG laser – are available in our institute. We can free you from unwanted tattoos.

But we can also do a lightening in preparation for a new tattoo (cover-up). This is also possible with permanent make-up that is no longer wanted. Find out more about the options for removing colored tattoos here.

The latest technology

You would like to know which technology is used for treatment? Our specialist has two advanced and professional lasers, the ND:YAG laser and the Pico laser. Both are used for different colors. You can find out which technology is the best to effectively remove your tattoo in a consultation.

Illustration Picolaser


Due to its technology, the picosecond laser removes tattoos faster, more effectively and more reliably than other technologies. As with all laser technologies, short light pulses are emitted which are in the picosecond range. With the help of this technology, the colors can be broken down even more and thus ensure an even better removal of the color via the body’s own immune system.


The ND:YAG laser, or neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser, is a solid-state laser that emits short pulses of focused light that are in a specific wavelength range. The wavelengths each selectively affect a specific color (depending on the setting).

Before and after

What is the tattoo removal treatment process like and how does your tattoo look before, during and after the treatment? See the before and after pictures of a laser treatment to remove unwanted tattoos. If you are interested in a cover up, even a few sessions are enough to achieve the desired “fading” of the motif to get a new image tattooed over it.

Treatment sucess tattoremoval foto progression
tattoo removal sucess foto after treatment

Permanent Make-Up removal

Many women dream of not having to wear make-up all the time. What if you could wake up with your make up already done in the morning and start your day right away? This is where permanent make-up comes into play. Once this has been applied, for example through microneedling, the daily make-up routine comes to an end. However, many women long for a change in the make-up once it has been applied after some time.

Some want to go back to a natural look without makeup. Others would like to try a new permanent makeup. But it is possible to replace or completely remove the make-up once it has been applied? This is the task of laser technology and medical expertise.

Less make-up and save time

An aesthetic appearance is important for women. In addition to natural beauty, make-up, eye shadow, lip gloss and made-up eyebrows also help to achieve this. Applying make-up correctly costs a considerable amount of time and puts many women under time pressure. The solution: permanent make-up. Here, color is applied under the skin and therefore does not have to be applied from the outside. This obviously saves time and there is no need for applying any make-up. The big disadvantage: It cannot be changed easily.

Reasons for the removal of PMU

However, as practical as permanent makeup may be, there are reasons why it often needs to be removed. Once the makeup is placed into the skin, it cannot be easily removed. This is especially unfavorable if you want to try out new make-up. It is not possible to alternate the make-up that is currently popular and desired. Simply covering the area around the eyebrows or the lips is not an alternative. As a result, the permanent make-up on the lips or eyebrows has to disappear again.

Specialist care

Would you like to know how you can get your permanent make-up removed? The doctors will be happy to advise you on this. Ask all your questions about the removal of your permanent make-up. Which lasers are used? How does the laser light work? Is the laser suitable for your skin type? These questions will be answered during the consultation. Here you will also find out how much a treatment would cost. Afterwards, you will have enough time to decide whether a treatment is suitable for you.

The treatment will also be carried out by a doctor. Only this way you will have optimal medical care in the field of tattoo removal and permanent make-up removal at any time. The technologies used are based on laser light. The devices selected for this purpose are intended to provide a treatment that is gentle on the skin and effective.

Whether you want new permanent make-up or simply want to put make-up on yourself again. Thanks to the gentle removal, the decision is entirely up to you afterwards. Arrange your personal consultation right away and learn everything you need to know about your PMU removal treatment.

Competence creates trust: MedX

Infografik PMU-Entfernung Illustration

Cover up preparation

Lighten an old tattoo

Space for your new tattoo

A tattoo usually lasts a lifetime. This is especially annoying because tastes may change over time, but the tattoo does not. Often, those affected wish for a completely new motif in the place where the old tattoo is. This thought does not have to remain just a wishful thinking. Do not upset about the old motif, because there is the possibility of the cover up. Here, the old tattoo is replaced by a new one. However, this cannot be done just like that, as this procedure requires the preparation of the skin.

Consultation & Treatment

Preparation of the skin

How exactly is the skin prepared for a new motif? Since many cover ups present completely different motifs than the previous one, the skin must be prepared. This is done with the help of a laser treatment. The lasers used for this are the ND:YAG laser or the pico laser. The color particles are broken up in several sessions. As a result, these particles can then be removed by the body’s own immune system. The decisive factor here is that the subject is only lightened. This means that the color does not disappear completely. This effect is achieved after just a few sessions.

Specialist care

Are you interested in replacing your current tattoo with a new motif as soon as possible? Then MedX is the right place for the optimal preparation of your skin. Thanks to their medical expertise, the doctors can provide you with optimal care at our institutes in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Mainz. Every treatment is preceded by a detailed consultation. Here you can ask all your questions that arise regarding the preparation for a new tattoo.

In addition, you will learn more about the technologies used. The main focus here is to find the right technology for your needs. The color of the tattoo plays an important role as well a study of the depth of the tattoo in the skin. Trust in medical competence and excellent service

Competence creates trust: MedX

Illustration Cover-Up Schritte

The process of Tattoo removal, PMU Removal & Cover Up Preparation

Illustration der Tattoofarbe in der Haut

The PMU or Tattoo inking

The cosmetician uses a needle to insert the color pigments into the skin layer below the eyebrows or lip. Due to the size of the color particles, the immune system cannot break them down. The result is that the pigments encapsulate and remain in the skin.

Illustration Licht zerstört Pigmente

The Treatment

The laser light is emitted specifically onto the color particles. These are broken up by the energy of the light and divided into smaller particles. With the picolaser, the pigments are split into even smaller particles than with the ND:YAG laser.

Illustration Immunsystem transportiert Pigmente ab

The Immune System

Since the color particles have now been crushed by the laser, the immune system has the opportunity to transport them away via the body’s own circulation. The motif therefore gradually fades more and more. After each treatment, more and more color disappears.

Beauty without surgical procedure.




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