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Here you can see the overview of the individual body regions, in which a permanent hair removal is possible.
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Women FACE

Don’t be bothered by annoying facial hair anymore and having well-groomed eyebrows all the time. Absolute beauty and smooth facial skin. Always.

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Smooth, soft skin in the armpit area without constant shaving. The permanent hair removal with our numerous technologies makes it possible.

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Frau mit glatter Haut an Armen und Händen


Smooth soft skin on arms and hands is a must for many women. It often is cumbersome to shave those areas repeatedly. Our permanent hair removal can help you.

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Sensual curves and consistently smooth skin: the dream of every women. With our permanent hair removal, you won’t ever have to shave, epilate or wax again.

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sinnlicher Frauenkörper


Especially sensitive areas require a lot of attention regarding hair removal. Annoying stubbles can make the complex process even more unbearable. Choose the permanent hair removal to never worry about those things again.

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This area is not only hard to reach. Due to the hygienic demands it is often also very uncomfortable to remove local hair. With the permanent hair removal you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

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Frauen Po MedX

Women LEGS

Smooth legs are the epitome of aesthetics. Too much time is wasted with annoying shaving.

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Permanent Hair Removal with XENOgel

Whether epilation or shaving – temporary methods of hair removal allow us a short break from unwanted hair growth, but are still no guarantee of flawlessness. Too fast, annoying hair return to their place of origin. Even painful skin irritation are the result.

Permanent depilation is a more better way. With the gentle long-term alternative, neither the razor nor the epilator can take it. One technique has become particularly established: hair removal using light, which can be done by the SHR, IPL or XENOgel procedure. The XENOgel technology is far ahead of other procedures for permanent hair removal. In contrast to photoepilation and laser epilation, which is also possible in our practice, the revolutionary XENOgel technology does not focus solely on the melanin, but also on the hair stem cells. The emitted light pulses of the so-called SHR procedure cut off the nutrient supply in the treated cells, the origin of hair growth. And without vital nutrients no new hair can be formed at all. So you are finally permanently free from annoying stubble. Thanks to the cooling XENOgel, you can also look forward to a relaxing treatment. The proven crystal gel optimizes the flow of light without leaving painful and unaesthetic skin irritations.

The mild form of therapy is also ideal for particularly sensitive body regions such as the intimate area, buttocks and rump, the armpits and unwanted hair growth in face. Of course, it is also the ideal choice for all other body regions such as arms and legs, hands and feet and chest and abdomen. Do something good for your skin and rely on the XENOgel technology, the depilation of the future!


Beauty without surgical procedure.

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