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body hair removal has never been so effective


Trust this revolutionary technology as much as we do

XENOgel is a technology for painless and efficient treatment in the field of permanent hair removal*. Therefore, it is possible for us to fulfill your dream of smooth skin on any desired part of the body.

Hair removal by means of light or laser is becoming increasingly popular. However, conventional methods such as the IPL procedure are only partially effective and mostly painful. The case is different with XENOgel Technology. Here, state-of-the-art photoepilation technology is combined with a crystal gel. Furthermore, the gel optimizes the effect of the light on the desired body part to achieve the best possible result.


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Best Technology for optimal results – that’s XENOgel Technology.

  • efficient

  • fast

  • gentle

  • painless

These are the many reasons why we have chosen XENOgel Technology for body hair removal.

Furthermore, with XENOgel Technology it is possible to effectively treat both tanned and dark skin. In contrast to IPL technology, treatment of light and thin hair is also possible. The beginning of the treatment is not dependent of a certain season. Therefore, the treatment can start when you want it to.

How does permanent hair removal* with XENOgel Technology work?

In order to make a medically correct assessment with regard to treatment, our medical staff will conduct a personal and detailed consultation with you. After this, the treatment appointment is individually tailored to you. A crystal gel is applied to the corresponding area prior to the treatment and the region is then scanned 6-10 times with the handpiece and low energy. These multiple repetitions causes the melanin in the hair to slowly heat up. Moreover, the tissue of the stem cells is also continuously brought to a higher temperature. This finally leads to a denaturation of the cells. The stem cells supply the hair root with nutrients. Thus, in contrast to other methods, you will achieve your desired result of permanent hair removal* after only 8-10 sessions.

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Beauty without surgical procedure.




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  • easy financing
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