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Every available light technology for permanent hair removal*

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Hair removal can be achieved by many technologies. We are specialized in permanent hair removal* using photo epilation technology. That’s why all our technologies are based on light. Here you can see an overview of all our offered technologies. Arrange your free* consultation and find the most suitable technology for your needs with our trained staff.

XENOgel Technology

Trust in the innovative XENOgel technology. This combines the latest photoepilation technology with a skin-friendly and cooling crystal gel for painless and effective hair removal.

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IPL stands for “intense pulsed light” and is a well known methode for hair removal with light. Here you get more informations about how this technology works and what you need to know.

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The abbreviation SHR stands for “super hair removal” and is not a name for a specific brand, but for a specific technique.

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Diode laser

The diode laser works at a wavelength of 808 nm and belongs to the laser category due to the bundled light rays.

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Alexandrite laser

The alexandrite laser also works with bundled light and is one of the technologies offered at MedX. You can find out how this works and some special features.

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The ND: YAG laser also works with bundled light. The abbreviation stands for Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet. You can find out all the special features and details here at MedX.

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