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SHR is also a very successful technology for permanent* hair removal and means “Super Hair Removal”. Consequently it is not a special product or brand name but a description of technology.

The light of this technology is also unbundled.That’s why bigger parts of the body can be treated at the same time similar to the IPL technology. The usual wavelenght of the device is 690 nm. The thereby used handheld has high-quality and anti-reflective sapphire glas.

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How does SHR work?

In contrast to the IPL method, with the SHR method the area to be treated is scanned with the handpiece and not “stamped”.Thereby the skin is heated up to a temperature of about 45 degree Celsius. The used energy is lower than with the IPL methode and is therefore very friendly to the skin. The risk of irritations of the skin is significantly reduced and the treatment is consistently perceived by our customers as pleasantly warm. The result of no more hair for the future will be achieved by denaturisation of the proteins which are responsible for the support of hair roots with nutrients.

Another important difference to the IPL technique is that only 50% of the light is transmitted via the melanin of the skin. This makes the method very gentle. The light is transmitted via the hair to the stem cells, where the hair roots are denaturized and no new hair can form in the future.

The temperature is slowly increased by “moving” the handpiece.Thereby the skin and the stem cells slowly warm up to 45 degrees Celsius. In order to denature the stem cells, which are responsible for the regeneration of the hair, there must be an active connection between the hair and the stem cell (anagen phase). The effect can be compared to a fiberglass cable. If the connection is broken, which is the case in the telogen phase of the hair, the light cannot be transmitted to the hair root. The consequence of this is that permanent hair removal* of this individual hair is not possible.

Important notice

Shaving the concerning area before and during the treatment is possible, waxing or epilating not. The reason why is the removal of the hair root by epilating or waxing and the light cannot be transported to the stem cells. Treatments are carried out about all 4 weeks. Another hair is always in the active growth phase and can then be treated.

With a shave hair is reduced to the skin and the hair stays connected to the stem cells which makes a treatment possible. It also makes sense to shave the area to be treated one day before the treatment, so that the skin can calm down.


Tattooed areas are not able to be treated. Light influences the colors and can change them. In order to rule out this possibility from the outset, these areas are not dealt with. Also birthmarks and other darker skin pigments are covered because they include melanin in high concentration which might lead to a burn. We would like to avoid such damage in any case.

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