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Cryolipolisis & shock wave therapy


Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting is the reduction of fatty tissue through the targeted local application of cold.

The technique makes use of a natural factor, namely that fat cells are more susceptible to cold than the rest of the tissue. Unlike liposuction, this procedure is a non-invasive procedure. Scars due to surgical interventions can therefore not occur.


The technology we use is based on the vacuum system. First, the part of the body to be treated is covered with a membrane, which is coated with a special gel. This prevents the skin from being

damaged when the device cools down to about -10 degrees Celsius. Due to the body’s own insulation, this initial temperature is required for the fatty tissue itself to cool down to approximately +4 to +5 degrees Celsius.

Subsequently, the applicator of the device is applied to the body part to be treated and then the vacuum system is activated. As a result, the tissue in question, including the lipid layer, is absorbed into the head of the handpiece. This is followed by the activation of the cooling system and the resulting gradual reduction of the temperature. The treatment time per body area is approximately 60 minutes.

Beauty without surgical procedure.




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