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Painful hair removal is now in the past. Finally, a method which I can recommend from a medical point of view.


Nadjia Nek, MD

  • A specialists competence
  • Latest technology
  • no adhesion contracts
  • no monthly payment
  • medical staff
  • almost every hair and skin types
  • 15 years of experience
  • free and individual consultation
A specialists competence

Dr. med. Nadjia Nek has about 15 years of experience in the field of permanent hair removal. For that reason, MedX in Heidelberg and Mannheim is the right choice for smooth skin without constant shaving. Permanent hair-free thanks to medical care.

Latest technology

MedX uses the latest technology in all areas, thus also in the field of permanent hair removal. Best technique for the best results.

no adhesion contracts

The team of MedX is constantly eager to offer you the greatest possible flexibility. Therefore, we offer you a non-binding consultation beforehand. Hereby you can learn more about our technology and the estimated treatment costs. Even after you started a treatment, you are not bound to any contract.

no monthly payment

MedX does not bound you to comply with any monthly payment. You can pay with EC or credit card after every single treatment.

medical staff

The treatments are performed by medical staff only. Therefore you always have optimal care in all medical issues.

almost every hair and skin types

Due to the forward-looking XENOgel technology we are able to treat almost ever skin and hair type.

15 years of experience

Mrs. Dr. Nek has over 15 years of experience in the field of permanent hair removal. Specialist know-how for the best possible treatment.

free and individual consultation

In order to get all information, before you decide for a treatment, we offer you a free and non-binding consultation.

Mann erhält eine Behandlung mithilfe der SHR Technik

Permanent hair removal – smooth skin every day

It is the most natural skin protection in the world – body hair. Although it is so useful, body hair is mostly seen as unattractive. The desired result is smooth and soft skin. Do you want to have smooth skin every day?

The permanent hair removal offers you a new kind of sensuality. Modern light and laser systems as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and SHR (Super Hair Removal) are effectively shutting down the natural growth of every hair cell. Reproduction stops and your skin is left free of any unwanted body hair.

The best advantage: Our tested and gentle methods are protecting the skin reliably of painful irritations as redness, swelling or rashes. Long-term hairless skin can be reached comfortably.


Permanent hair removal with MedX

With our XENOgel technology and our medical staff under the leadership of Mrs. Dr. med Nadjia Nek we look back at 15 years of experience in permanent hair removal.

Many hundred customer are trusting us with their skin, to fulfil their wish of a permanent hair removal in various body regions and are impressed with the result.

Experience smooth, soft skin without constant shaving, epilation or waxing.

Arrange a free non-binding consultation at one of our institutes in Heidelberg or Mannheim.

Does a treatment have to be painful?

Shaving, epilation and many other photoepilation-systems e.g. IPL-method are time-consuming, painful and promise rarely the desired result of a permanent hair removal.

Hair removal does not have to be painful neither temporary, if you choose MedX.

With our XENOgel technology we combine the latest SHR technique and a crystal gel, to optimize the effect of the light and therefore reach a better result in the area of the hair roots.

Transparent prices – without contractual obligation

It does not matter for which institute you decide, the philosophy of MedX is that regarding permanent hair removal, you will not be bound to any contracts.

Arrange a free consultation, where you will be thoroughly advised by our medical staff about the procedure of the treatment and you will get a medical evaluation of your hair and skin texture.

Afterwards you can decide for yourself if you want to start a treatment.


Beauty without surgical procedure.


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