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Permanent hair removal

Painful hair removal is a thing of the past.

Permanent hair removal* redefined.

Permanent hair removal*: Smooth skin all year round

It is considered the most natural skin protection in the world – body hair. But as useful as it may be, it is rarely perceived as attractive. The goal is the exact opposite: silky smooth skin. Do you yearn for a healthy skin feeling all year round?

Permanent hair removal* gives you a new form of sensuality. Advanced light and laser systems such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and SHR (Super Hair Removal) effectively block the natural growth of hair cells. Reproduction will stop, so you will be spared from unwanted body hair in the future.

And best of all: Our proven, gentle methods protect the skin from painful irritations such as redness, swelling and rashes.

Which is your desired part of the body?

With the help of the XENOgel technology a hair removal with light is possible at almost every part of the body. Women mostly decide for classical parts of the body which normally need to be shaved every day. These are the armpits, the intimate area and the legs. Smooth legs without permanent shaving doesn’t have to be a dream only. Wear your skirts without a worry about shaved legs. The permament* hair removal makes it possible.

The favourite parts of the body for men are mostly chest, back and the abdomen. Hair at the back aren’t only annoying but very hard to reach with a normal shave. Once freed from hair, these regrow in just a short period of time and the tiring procedure has to be started all over again. For that reason many men decide for a removal of the hair on the back with the help of the permanent hair removal*.

Regardless of the classical body areas a hair removal in the face, at the arms, in the intimate area and the buttocks is possible. We like to inform you about the different possibilities in a free* consultation.

Permanent hair removal* with MedX

Innovative technology

With our XENOgel® technology and our healthcare professionals, we can offer you our excellent service at 5 locations. Our medical institutes are located in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Wiesbaden, Frankenthal and Karlsruhe.

Hundreds of customers place their trust in us every year to fulfill their desire for a permanent removal* of hair in different regions of the body and are thrilled with the result. Share the experience of smooth skin without constant shaving, epilation or waxing.

Make your free non-binding appointment today at one of our institutes.

Treatment procedure

Get to know the separate steps

Illustration einer Rasur und Gelbehandlung

1. Before the treatment begins

Even before treatment, avoid intensive sunbathing and shave the area to be treated at home. The reason for this is that the skin can already calm down. If shaving takes place just before the treatment, this can irritate the skin.

The shave should be performed one day before the actual treatment. It should be noted that only a shave is performed, but no waxing or even epilation of the skin. The reason for this is that for a promising treatment a connection of the hair to the root must be present. That’s becausse the light reaches the root via the hair. If the hair is torn out, there is no longer any connection.

Immediately before treatment with the XENOgel procedure, the skin-friendly crystal gel is applied. Together with the subsequent treatment, the crystal gel forms the basis for an optimized lighting effect.

2. Treatment

After the application of the gel, the actual treatment begins, which is carried out by trained or medical staff.The device is initially set to the appropriate parameters. Then the applicator is placed on the body area to be treated.There are continuous pulses of light with the set energy from the applicator.

These travel through the gel on the skin and from there finally through the hair into the hair root.This is slowly heated by the process of continuous movement and brought to the temperature, which leads to a denaturation of the protein in the stem cells, which are responsible for the nutrition of the hair. As a result, the hair root can no longer be supplied with nutrients, which is why a hair regrowth no longer takes place.

Illustration XENOgel Behandlung Lichtreflexe
Illustration Zeit vergeht

3. After the treatment

Immediately after treatment, you should feel a pleasant warm feeling in the treated area. Often the corresponding area is also slightly red.Through the applied crystal gel, the skin was already pleasantly cooled during treatment in addition to optimizing the flow of light.

As a result, the redness should not be strong. If you feel a bit uncomfortable, talk to us. After treatment intensive sunbathing should be dispensed. This also applies to visits to the solarium. In addition, you can apply an appropriate skin cream to cool the skin accordingly. If you have any questions about how to handle the skin before or after treatment, simply talk to them during your consultation or before or after each treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a treatment have to be painful?

Shaving, epilating and many photoepilation systems such as the IPL procedure are complex, painful and rarely promise the desired result of permanent hair removal*.

However, hair removal does not have to be painful or of a short duration if you choose MedX. With the XENOgel® technology, we combine state-of-the-art technology with a crystal gel to optimize the effect of the light and thereby achieve a better result in the hair root area.

How many sessions are necessary? What is the pricing? Are there binding contracts?

No matter what institution you choose, MedX’s philosophy is that you will not be contracted for permanent hair removal* if you don’t want. First, arrange a free consultation session with our healthcare professionals and at the same time an individual medical assessment of the condition of your hair and skin. After that decide by yourself if a treatment is suitable for you.

Beauty without surgical procedure.




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