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Permanent hair removal* with laser technology

In addition to permanent hair removal*, the alexandrite laser can also be used to remove tattoos and pigment disorders. However, we mainly use this technology for permanent hair removal*. To achieve a successful permanent hair removal, the wavelength of the device is set to exactly 755 nanometers and the laser beam is directed at the hair to be removed. The colour pigments of the hair root subsequently absorb this specific wavelength and the energy of the laser light denatures the hair root. As a result, the hair can no longer grow back and the desired result of permanent hair removal* has been achieved. This method is considered both very gentle and ensures a painless treatment.

the Alexandrite Laser

Wavelength 755 nm

Preparation, procedure and follow-up treatment with the alexandrite laser

Before the treatment

You should avoid tanning your skin for a period of about 3 – 4 weeks before starting treatment with the alexandrite laser. The enjoyment of sunbathing or solarium visits must therefore be postponed. The reason for not doing so is the way the alexandrite laser works. Both the hair and the skin contain the pigment melanin. The dye present in the hair is used as a bridge to the hair roots. The light “travels” via the melanin to the hair roots and can unfold its effect there. Melanin can be found in tanned skin as well. This absorbs the light in the same way as the hair, which can lead to skin burns under certain circumstances. This must be avoided.

Waxing, epilating or plucking the hair should also be avoided because there is no hair left to act as a bridge to the hair roots. Consequently, the hair root can form a new hair in the next hair growth cycle. It is possible to continue shaving as the hair remains intact under the skin and ensures an active connection to the hair root. If the treatment is performed on the face, any makeup should be thoroughly removed.

Illustration Wirkungsweise Alexandritlaser

The treatment

Numbing the relevant areas is not necessary. The treatment is painless. There only occurs a pleasant warm feeling. After the treatment, reddening of the skin may occur, due to the immune system trying to remove the hair roots that have become ineffective. However, this should subside after about 2 days.

The duration of the individual treatment depends strongly on the region to be treated. Thus, the removal of a facial hair can be assumed to take about 10 minutes. The treatment of both legs can take about an hour.


Follow-up treatment

Removing hair with the help of the alexandrite laser also requires several treatments due to the natural growth cycle of the hair. An effective and successful treatment of each individual hair is only possible if there is an active connection of the hair to the hair root, allowing the light to reach it via the hair. This is only the case in the growth phase. About only 10% of the hair is in the growth phase. For this reason, several treatments are mandatory to permanently rid the entire region of hair

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