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Soft armpits | for her

Your beauty – Our mission

Silky smooth armpits are every women´s dream. We make it possible. Every day and without painful hair removal methods. Especially in the armpit area dirt and sweat particles cling on hair despite daily hygiene routine. As soon as this hair disappears, the fertile soil for bacteria causing smell is drastically reduced.

Also well suited for dark haired women

Dark haired ladies often struggle with increased hairiness. Their hair often regrows stronger and bristly. Imagine you would again have to shave your armpit again. Never again care if your hair has regrown. Show yourself as you are, always and everywhere. We remove unpleasant body hair, even under the armpits.

Forever SMOOTH ARMPITS without shaving

Möwe mit ausgebreiteten Flügeln

A relic from past times 

Our XENOgel® method will free you from annoying hair. The method is painless and gentle to the skin. Relax in quiet atmosphere and feel safe. Our medical specialists are available for your questions even while treatment. Just contact us.

Life is yours

Grant yourself a feeling of safety. You will never again have to worry changing a sweater to a top because you know your armpits always look flawless. Besides legs especially armpits are body regions on which our society does not expect body hair anymore. Axillary Hair is widely seen as unaesthetic. Put down the pressure of perfectionism. We help you and remove your hair permanent.

Your body and you

Simplify your life and enjoy the aesthetic body cult without daily effort. We love to convince you of photoepilation through SHR, IPL or diode laser.

With cold light to hot results

Naturally nice armpits are the epitome of a well-groomed body. Therefore avoid stubbly regrowth of the hair. In just a few sessions we remove your undesirable hair. No sore or itchy skin after shave. Silky smooth skin and a enjoyable fresh feeling for every day.

Beauty without surgical procedure.


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