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for him

Mediocre results? Not with us!

Hair at the neck disturbs a well-groomed appearance. A beard is definitely part of the modern lifestyle, but hair that does not fit in quickly becomes annoying. In poorly accessible places, the hair can only be removed very badly and with a lot of effort. This procedure is complicated and time consuming. We remove your unwanted hair quickly and effectively everywhere with the latest technology. Of course, also in the sensitive areas such as your neck. Our XENOgel® method is gentle to the skin and painless.

Good looking – anytime

By photoepilation we can effectively, gently and painlessly remove your unpleasant hair. It does not matter if you just got up or made an appointment with your hairdresser. Just look perfectly groomed. You never have to worry about your well-groomed appearance again. Start your day freshly styled, without work.

Octagon Mann Hals

the modern man

Today, men attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance. Do not waste your life by trimming your beard or looking for forgotten hair. We free you from the annoying routine of shaving your neck. No more skin irritation, no cuts. Show yourself in your perfection. Our modern methods will surely convince you.



without any compromise

In specialist hands

Our staff is medically trained and additionally specially instructed. You can completely relax while we permanently remove your body hair. This luxury is for you. Do not waste your time, but use it extensively for the things you love. Ask us all your questions. We are gladly there for you.


Photoepilation – the way to permanent hair removal

We combine human know-how and modern technology to achieve perfect results. The XENOgel® method optimizes the effect of cold light. We help you to simplify your life. Forever.


After a hard workday you should treat yourself to pure relaxation. Relax and at the same time getting rid of permanently annoying hair? No problem. Get to know us. We are happy to advise you.

Beauty without surgical procedure.




  • medical staff
  • years of experience
  • highest customer satisfaction
  • any technology
  • easy financing
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