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Preparation cover-up

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Professional cover-up preparation – get rid of your old tattoo

On average every fifth person in Germany has a tattoo – tattoos are in todays society a standard body decoration and therefore people get them for various reasons. Those who started getting tattoos at a young age or those who followed one of many tattoo-trends, might have one or even more motives, which just doesn’t suit them anymore. For this reason, professional tattoo removals are just in demand as tattoos themselves. You can read in our small overview, which preparations for a high-quality cover-up are necessary. In a personal consultation we inform you gladly to all upcoming questions concerning the latest picosecond laser-technology and all options regarding tattoo and permanent make-up removal.

Anfertigung Tattoo Cover-up

New tattoos in the same area thanks to the latest technology – the cover-up preparation

No tattoo is forever

Contrary to the general superstition tattoos are not colourfast and true to form forever, but they are changing as well as the skin itself. Complex motives with strong lines must be touched up after some years, to remain as pretty they were when they were made. Many tattoo artists have specialized in covering up old tattoos – the darker and bigger the new tattoo motive and the brighter the old, the better the cover-up. With the right preparation a cover-up can not be distinguished from a new tattoo. If the old tattoo is particularly big or very dark colours have been used, the colour pigments should firstly be brightened with the help of a laser, before different pigments are put into the skin. In our practice only medical staff performs the cosmetic laser treatment of the skin and prepare everything for a successful cover-up at your tattoo studio.


The cover-up preparation

By getting a tattoo, colour pigments are put under the first skin layers, which are atomically too big to be naturally transported off by the body. The colour pigments stay underneath the skin and fade, depending on the composition, after many years or even stay a lifetime. A laser removal is a hygienic and gentle method to remove those pigments out of the skin. Through punctual heating every single colour pigment is broken up – the destroyed pigments are now small enough to be collected by the immune system and can be broken down by the adrenal glands.


The picosecond laser – latest technology for the best results

Usually tattoos are removed by a nanosecond-laser-technique or UV radiation. Those are damaging the skin permanently and the new tattoo can seem uneven and scarred. We use the 2018 patented picosecond-laser-technique, which provides far better results of the cosmetically treatment in the face and all body areas. The picosecond laser heats up the skin with ultrashort light impulses – so that the colour pigments can be broken up more effectively without damaging the skin. The smaller fragments of the old pigmentation are broken down by the body quicker and typical side-effects as discomfort and flu symptoms are avoided. Customers also report of a significantly more comfortable skin sensation during and after the laser treatment, in comparison to the nanosecond laser.

What you should note

The laser treatment for preparing a cover-up proceeds in various sessions. Before the treatment the respective area of the skin is hygienically cleaned and the field of treatment is isolated. Depending on the intensity of the outline and colour intensity, the treatment area can vary from session to session. The whole tattoo is worked off step by step – thereby the colour does not disappear immediately, but only in the course of the following days after the treatment. After every session you should let you skin rest for a few weeks. The immune system is strained by the treatment; therefore you should avoid stress and physical strains immediately after the session. If you have further questions concerning our prices and offers, we gladly inform you about all options regarding tattoo and permanent make-up removal.

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