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With Mrs. Dr. Nek as our medical cooperation partner, you can make the best decisions regarding education and experience in all issues concerning aesthetics.

Dr. med. Nadjia Nek

Mrs. Dr. Nek studied at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe university in Frankfurt. After her successful graduation, she received medical training at the university clinic in Regensburg to become an ENT physician.

She specialized in plastic surgery in the face area. Dr. Nek studied dentistry at the university clinic Heidelberg to be able to perform special procedures in the jaw area, after working at an ENT practice clinic in Bad Homburg.

Dr. med. Nadjia Nek worked at diverse clinics for jaw, mouth and face surgery, where her knowledge and experience with aesthetic medicine was further extended.

The revolutionary invention of the XENOgel method extended the services regarding permanent hair removal, thanks to Dr. Nek.

Mrs. Dr. Nek does also operate as a speaker for sanofi-aventis and Ipsen Pharma, whereby she trains physicians other departments in aesthetic and wrinkle treatment.

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